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Featured Guest Speakers

Ray Culberson

Chief Business Officer, REAL Journey Academies

Grace Park

Chief Executive Officer, Nuleep

Dr. Erika Page

Vice President of Enrollment, Oak Valley College

February 26

10am to 1pm

Enjoy some food prepared by our inhouse chef.

David Kretovics, Director of Culinary Services


Talk with higher education and other institutions about how you can add a certificate or degree to your resume.  From pursuing a bachelor’s degree, to picking up an IT or nursing certification, we can help you make the connection.


Get the latest on how to find a job, both online and in person.  If you need to know how to get started, or if you just need a jumpstart, this is the event for you.

Job Openings

Interview with current employers who will be at the event to interview and hire people.

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